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BOWSMITH | Fan-Jet Microsprinklers

The Bowsmith introduced Fan-Jet Microsprinklers in 1977. Since then, American growers have made the Fan-Jet brand their number one choice of microsprinklers to irrigate their orchards and vineyards.
Fan-Jet Advantages:

  • Big Wetted Area
    – Large Root Zone
    – Potentially bigger Yields
  • Frost Protection
    – Raise ambient temperatures up to 2 degrees
  • Leaching Capabilities
    – Leach Salts away from the Root Zone
  • Best Value
    – Less plastic than dual line drip
    – Save up to $100 an acre
Fan-Jet Features:

  • Superior 2-piece design: nozzle and twin wedge post frame with splash plate are molded separately
  • Precision craftsmanship
    – Consistent patterns
    – Uniform flows
  • No moving parts
  • Quick thread for fast installation
  • High grade (automotive grade) copolymer plastics
  • Seven flow rates: color coded nozzles: 6-24 gph
  • Eighteen spray patterns
Fan-Jet® PLUS
Fan-Jet® PLUS Microsprinklers
The Bowsmith Fan-Jet Plus micro-sprinkler combines the quality of the original Fan-Jet micro-sprinkler, plus the added feature that prevents clogging or pattern distortion due to insects and other external objects – saving you time and money.

  • Exclusive Fan-Jet PLUS “Dual Action” frame: pops-up & retracts
  • All water contact surfaces are protected from insects and other external foreign objects
  • No rotating parts to break, stick, or wear out.
  • Simple take-a-part, two piece design allows for quick cleaning of nozzle clogged by particles in the irrigation water
  • Five spray patterns available
  • Seven color-coded flow rates: 6.0 to 29.4 gallons per hour

Fan-Jet PLUS advantages over drip emitters:

  • Larger wetted area per tree = Larger root system
  • Greater irrigation flexibility = Energy savings, soil
  • Aeration, & frost protection
  • Priced lower than dual line drip = Better value

Fan-Jet PLUS Advantages over rotary sprinklers:

  • Precision water placement = Better irrigation efficiency
  • Precise delivery of fertilizers & micronutrients = $avings
  • Low application rates = Better soil penetration and less runoff
  • Lower operating pressures = Lower energy costs
  • Lower price = Better value
“PC” Series
Fan-Jet® “PC” Series Pressure Compensators
Features & Benefits

  • Wide regulating range: Uniform flows, even at low or high pressures
  • Low minimum operating pressure: Saves on energy costs
  • Self-flushing throughout operation: High clog resistance | Less maintenance, higher crop yield
  • Unique two-piece design: Allows for quick, easy cleaning
  • Regulates microsprinklers: Pairs with multiple Fan-Jet nozzles | You choose the flow rate, pattern, and nozzle | Works at the end or middle of feeder tubes
Fan-Jet Features
Fan-Jet® Microsprinklers
The Bowsmith Fan-Jet microsprinkler is the benchmark in low volume spray devices. Developed by Bowsmith in 1977, the Fan-Jet’s breakthrough design provided high spray trajectories , more consistent and larger wetting patterns, and lower cost in a water-saving, lowflow device. The 1986 introduction of the twin wedge post head design enabled a wider variety of wetting patterns, including full-circle. Today, the Fan-Jet remains the standard other microsprayers have to meet.
Fan-Jet’s fixed splash plate design has no moving parts to wear out or jam. They’re available in 18 different wetting patterns to suit virtually any lowvolume or retrofit application. Color-coded nozzles in 7 different sizes offer even more customization possibilities. There are other microsprinklers available; the Fan-Jet is made only by Bowsmith.
Exclusive Fan-Jet frame

  • Twin wedge post construction.
  • Durable, low profile, impact resistant.
  • Open design – no pockets to collect debris or harbor insects.
  • High grade copolymer material for limited creep and shrinkage. Splash plate maintains precise alignment over time.

Integral fixed splash plate

  • No moving parts to jam or wear out.
  • Stays aligned with nozzle for consistent patterns.
  • 18 spray patterns available.

Color coded nozzles

  • 7 sizes to choose from.
  • Quick-twist thread for fast, easy field installation.