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BERMAD | AR Series Valves

Air and Vacuum Release Valves
for Waterworks, Irrigation and Landscape Systems
The exclusive AR Series, plastic and metal manufactured products offer outstanding features and advantages:

  • Perfect sealing under very low system pressure.
  • High Air flow capacity.
  • Patented operation together with smart design.
  • Simple, compact and reliable product.
AR Series Valves
BERMAD AR Series air and vacuum release valves include four basic models:

  • 1” Automatic pressure air release valve (Model 01-ARA), for the automatic release of entrapped air pockets from pressurized systems.
  • 2” Kinetic air and vacuum release valve (Model 02-ARK), with large orifice, for the release of large quantities or air from filling pipelines and for admitting air into quick-draining pipelines to prevent vacuum damage.
  • 2” Combination air and vacuum release valve (Model 02-ARC), in which the features of the two previous models are incorporated in one single valve body, for safe pipeline filling and draining and for releasing air pockets during system operation.
  • 1/2” Vacuum breaker (Model ARV), prevents drip lines from clogging in tough topographic conditions and in sub-surface drip-irrigation system.


  • Only one or two moving parts, depending on model
  • Corrosion-resistant construction
  • Pressure-balanced float, free of distortion or collapse
  • Special drip-tight dynamic seal
  • Exclusive kinetic design prevents floats from being blown shut
  • Perfect sealing under system pressure as low as 0.1 bar, 1.5 psi

 *Additional Hub to provide optional pressure source or pressure gauge connection is available for Plastic Model 02-ARC-P/02-ARK-P01-