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BERMAD | 300 Series Valves

The BERMAD basic diaphragm actuated Model IR-300/305 valve is a hydraulically operated globe valves in either the standard oblique (Y) or angle pattern design in diameter sizes of 11/2-3”; DN40-DN80. Each valve comprises two major components: the body seat assembly and the actuator assembly.
300 Series Valves
The actuator assembly is unitized and is removable from the body as an integral unit. It consists of both an upper and a lower control chamber. Each basic valve can easily be configured, on-site, either as a single chamber control valve (Model 305), or a double chamber control valve (Model 300). The shaft sub assembly, in both single and double chambered versions is center guided, providing an unobstructed seat area.
The Model 300 Basic double chambered valve operation is independent of valve differential pressure since the line pressure actually serves as the actuator differential pressure. This develops maximum power, ensuring immediate valve response. The upper control chamber is pressurized to close, and vented to open the valve. The lower control chamber is usually vented to the atmosphere, but can also be pressurized to power the valve open.
The main benefits of the double chambered valve are:

  • Full-powered opening & closing
  • Decreased pressure loss (no spring)
  • Non-slam closing characteristic
  • Isolated and protected diaphragm
The Model 305 Basic Valve uses valve differential pressure to power the actuator open or closed. The lower control chamber, which serves to cushion the closing of the valve, is exposed to the downstream pressure, through a fixed orifice connected to the downstream side of the valve. The pressure in the upper control chamber varies, resulting from the action of a solenoid or a regulating pilot. This varying pressure modulates the valve to open or close.