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Paskal is one the world’s leading manufacturers of trellising accessories, providing modern, agricultural solutions for greenhouses, intended for vegetable production. PASKAL has developed a variety of products, in cooperation with vegetable growers and various seed companies, allowing growers to implement modern systems of production and to compete on the most competitive world’s markets. In order to improve the grower’s yields, they have recently been compelled to search for agro-advancements and more efficient methods of production, with the diversity of vegetable types and the variety of production techniques. PASKAL products are designed for growing top quality tomatoes, peppers, courgettes and cucumbers, as well as tomatoes and pepper seeds. PASKAL is dedicated to continued cooperation with vegetable growers and to the development of products designed to meet new needs and requirements, as they arise.
  • Caliber
  • Tomato clip 23mm
  • Green Clip (23mm)
  • Biodegradable Tomato Clip
  • Jumbo clip (25mm)
  • Tomato clip 23mm (black)
  • Tomato clip 27mm
  • Pepper Support (6cm/7.5cm)
  • Pepper Support (9cm)
  • Courgette Clips
  • Courgette Clips (Short)
 Truss Support
Truss Support
  • Flexible Arch (6mm)
  • Arch Cluster Support 5 mm
  • Arch Cluster Support 6 mm
  • J-Hook – Cluster Support
  • Super J-Hook Cluster Support
  • Agro J-Hook Cluster Support
  • Stem Holder
  • Rollerhook
  • Rollerplast
  • Cherry Double RollerHook
  • MetalHook 18cm
  • MetalHook 22cm
  • Radial Hook
  • Mini Hook
  • Clip Hook
Pelemix has a lot of experience in the Cocopeat growbags market and holds the most advanced technology regarding the manufacturing process. It is also possible to make a tailor made growbag in the designing your growbag section. The growbags are available with 3/4“, P.L.F, Crush or Crush Pro.
  • Hard Flower Marker
  • Soft Flower Marker
  • Cherry Tomato Flower Markers
  • Trellisiing Twine
  • Biodegradable Twine
  • Greenhouse Evaporator